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PURE TIN® launches its “mark of distinction” US campaign

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PURE TIN® has launched its “Pure Tin, mark of distinction” campaign in the United States. Promoting the unique qualities of the Pure Tin Capsule to a range of audiences from winemaker to sommelier to wine connoisseur will establish the brand as a hallmark of authenticity, quality and refinement.

Balzac Communication has been retained to run a series of promotional events and activities focusing in particular on the Californian market.

“The essence of marketing is to present your product in the best possible light,” says Balzac Communications founder Paul Wagner, “and first impressions make all the difference. The capsule is the first thing that sommeliers and consumers see when they open the bottle, and it communicates a clear message of quality and style. There is a reason that the finest wines use tin capsules: they are one of the classic quality cues in fine wine packaging.”

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