Master Sommelier video

150 150 Pure Tin Capsules
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Master Sommelier video

Wine tasting, Napa

Discover the Master Sommelier wine tasting that took in Napa, California, on 22nd October 2014 and their thoughts on the Pure Tin Capsule. They all revealed that first impressions make all the difference for a quality bottle of wine trying to stand out from the rest.
The Master Sommeliers admired “the simplicity and elegance of the tin” and commented that the tin capsule is a “sign of consistent quality”, that assures the wine consumer “that what they are getting is indeed authentic”.
“When you pick up a bottle that has quality at every level, you are automatically predisposed to like that wine”. Subconsciously you are “already in love with the wine and you haven’t even tasted it yet”.


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