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A press release was issued by PURE TIN® to the French media on the 27th October 2014 to gain wider exposure for the “Pure Tin” capsule and to promote its benefits to the wider public.

French media company Hémisphère Sud has been chosen to lead the French campaign which is promoting the launch of the “Pure Tin” label, or “Etain Pur” in French.

The press release focusses on the high tin purity and total recyclability of the capsule and the unique expertise that is pivotal in its crafting that makes it immune to counterfeiting. PURE TIN® wants to expand the use of tin capsules in wine bottles from 3% to 8% by establishing the “Pure Tin” label as the signature of a high end, quality product and the seal of authenticity upon which consumers can rely.

The first bottles with capsules marked with the “Pure Tin” seal will be sold in December.  A refined, luxury gift for a wine lover this Christmas!

Pure Tin Capsules Château L'Eglise Clinet
Pure Tin Capsules Louis Royer

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