PURE TIN® holds Sommelier lunches at Napa

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Tim Gaiser hosted two Insider Industry Lunches for Sommeliers for round table discussions about Pure Tin® capsules and their role in fine wine service.

The first lunch, held Tuesday, September 29, 2015, took place at the picturesque Bottega Restaurant in Yountville, CA. Bottega Restaurant is part of the historic Vintage Estates in Napa Valley and showcases Chef Michael Chiarello’s bold twists on classic Italian flavors. The Bottega lunch was attended by Beki Miller, Sommelier at The Sea by Alexander’s Steakhouse; Amy Racine, Sommelier at Sons & Daughters; Cara Patricia, Sommelier at large; and Karine Paule Adolphe, Sommelier at large. Michael Wangbickler, CEO of Balzac Communications and Paloma Castro, Communication Coordinator of Pure Tin greeted the guests, as they assembled in the private dining room in Bottega.

Tim started the luncheon with his thanks and an introduction to the topic of the hour: Pure Tin capsules. The discussion started with an examination of the Pure Tin capsules, both on the bottles provided for the lunch and the examples provided to the sommeliers.
As the group examined the wines presented for lunch, they noted the richness of color, the seamless and smooth texture, and the impacts these characteristics have on presentation. “The beauty of an unopened bottle is enhanced by an elegant removal of the capsule and cork,” said Tim Gaiser, his statement met with the knowing nods of experienced Sommeliers.
The discussion traced each element of service: presentation of the bottle, removal of the capsule and cork, ensuring that each step is noted, fluid, and flawless. Bottles dressed in Pure Tin have no wrinkles, waves or bubbles in the closure to fall away from the bottle. The soft and malleable material is safe to handle and gentler on the digits than some other capsules, and it cuts with a smooth and even edge.

As Tim, Beki, Amy, Cara, and Karine considered the overarching theme of the lunch, the conversation gradually turned away from the dining room and service experience, as questions of “how Pure Tin capsules are made” turned to “where do the capsules go once the wine is served?” “That’s where the beauty is more than skin deep,” Tim explained. “From production to after service, these Pure Tin capsules are recyclable and waste free! They simply go out with your regular recycling; it’s the most elegant end to a perfect service.” As the group smiled and chatted, each sommelier continued to examine the Pure Tin capsules, and many of them took a few for their staff to see and experience.
The sommelier group concluded lunch with resounding and unanimous approval of Pure Tin Capsules, for the impact the capsules make on packaging and presentation, for their ease of use and clean removal, for the classic and memorable impression the Pure Tin capsules make on guests, and because the investment of time they each put into creating the perfect experience for their clients and diners deserves nothing less than the best.

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