PURE TIN® holds Sommelier lunches at A16 in San Francisco

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The second lunch hosted by Tim Gaiser was held on a rainy Wednesday in San Francisco, California. On September 30, 2015 a group of Sommeliers gathered at A16 Restaurant in San Fransisco’s affluent Marina district. Known for dishes that showcase flavors from Italy’s south, the restaurant shares a name with the highway which runs from Naples to Canosa, Puglia. Walking into the warmth of A16, courtesy of the fire stoked pizza oven, sommeliers from the Bay Area were greeted by Master Sommelier Tim Gaiser and Paloma Castro of Pure Tin.
This group of sommeliers made their way past the fiery warmth of the wood burning pizza oven into the restaurant’s signature atrium, which seats dinners in a private room around a tree which grows through the floor towards the glass ceiling. Each guest shook off their umbrella, unwound from their jacket, scarf, or hat, and took their seat. At each place setting were 2 tin capsules, Pure Tin informational sheets, and a most welcome wine glass ready to be filled. As the group assembled they warmly welcomed Shelley Lindgren, owner and wine director of A16 to join them for the discussion and meal.

Tim started off the luncheon by welcoming the sommeliers and thanking them for taking time to join him for a meal and to also chat about Pure Tin Capsules. Erin Brooks, Sommelier at large, examined some Pure Tin capsules as Tim showed off the first wine of the meal, dressed in Pure Tin. “It cuts perfectly,” Tim said, as he cut the foil and removed the cork, “the presentation of that rich lustrous label is so enhanced by the rich color saturation, it really completes the package.”

After chatting about various kinds of closures and capsules Tim told the group that in his experience capsules produced from pure tin were not only the easiest to remove during service but also provided the most potential for attractive packaging. Everyone agreed, noting the capsule being the final barrier before a sommelier must breach and remove the cork made its quality all the more important. “Seamless and clean, that is what opening a bottle of wine table side should be,” noted Daniel McCullough.

The group discussed the flow of service, from sound advice and pairing for each diner to the satisfaction of a flawless evening and disasters averted. And while each professional had their favorite wine, their favorite region, they all agreed that the staging and delivery of a rich experience was enhanced with the elegance and beauty of wines dressed in Pure Tin capsules.

As the luncheon at A16 came to its conclusion, Tim thanked the sommelier attendees and suggesting they keep wines packaged with Pure Tin Capsules in mind for future additions to their wine programs. It was clear to see as each guest carefully wrapped a few tin capsules and tucked them safely away in their bag that the value Pure Tin reached beyond mere wine bottles, it touched each person at their own service and the standard must always be high.