PURE TIN® & 2016 Wines and Vines Packaging conference

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The 2016 Third Annual Wines & Vine Packaging Conference was an outstanding meeting and exhibitor day for every winery and industry professional that wanted to improve packaging. The key takeaway from the conference sessions was that package design has enormous influence over consumers at the critical decision-making moment.

In fact, according to the Nielsen Design Audit Series / Wine (Dec. 2015), 64% of consumers try a new product simply because the package catches the eye. And 41% will continue to purchase a product because they prefer its design.

Pure Tin was among 43 exhibitors at the conference. As an exhibitor, Pure Tin gained face-to-face access and connect with over 350 winemakers, winery operations managers, purchasing managers, and wine marketers and other industry professionals seeking insights about new wine packaging innovations. Members of the Balzac team managed the 10’ x 5’ exhibitor booth #35 located in the Center Aisle Lobby of the Lincoln Theater, greeting conference attendees, sharing information and answering questions.

Pure Tin’s Master Sommelier Napa Tasting Event video played on a continuous loop throughout the day.

A pop-up banner sign based on the most recent advertisement.

A take-away piece with a similar design (including contact information) was designed for individuals to pick up from the table.The booth had an interactive display with a capsule sample display, a capsule spinner and bottles with Pure Tin capsules for demonstration. Visitors to the Pure Tin booth used the capsule spinner numerous times. One visitor was particularly curious whether embossing would be smoothed out after spinning – and was interested that it remained intact. Networking with brand builders, influencers, creative and trade executives from the wine & spirits industry, who helped shape the conference program, was positive.