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PURE TIN® & 2016 Wines and Vines Packaging conference

The 2016 Third Annual Wines & Vine Packaging Conference was an outstanding meeting and exhibitor day for every winery and industry professional that wanted to improve packaging. The key takeaway from the conference sessions was that package design has enormous influence over consumers at the…

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PURE TIN@ sponsor at CIA Sommelier event

Pure Tin@ Capsules supports the best talent among sommeliers, aspiring wine professionals, and the best minds in the food and wine industry. This was the purpose for Pure Tin@ sponsorships at the recent Culinary Institute of America’s 2016 Sommelier Summit on April 24-26, and the…

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PURE TIN® holds Sommelier lunches at A16 in San Francisco

The second lunch hosted by Tim Gaiser was held on a rainy Wednesday in San Francisco, California. On September 30, 2015 a group of Sommeliers gathered at A16 Restaurant in San Fransisco’s affluent Marina district. Known for dishes that showcase flavors from Italy’s south, the…

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PURE TIN® holds Sommelier lunches at Napa

Tim Gaiser hosted two Insider Industry Lunches for Sommeliers for round table discussions about Pure Tin® capsules and their role in fine wine service. The first lunch, held Tuesday, September 29, 2015, took place at the picturesque Bottega Restaurant in Yountville, CA. Bottega Restaurant is…

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Pure Tin Capsule holds Paris bloggers event

The purpose of the event was to raise awareness and interest in the qualities of the tin capsule to bloggers which can be passed on to their wide audience of readers. Six established wine and luxury bloggers attended the event in Paris during December, organised by…

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PURE TIN® logo publicised in France

A press release was issued by PURE TIN® to the French media on the 27th October 2014 to gain wider exposure for the “Pure Tin” capsule and to promote its benefits to the wider public. French media company Hémisphère Sud has been chosen to lead the…

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Pure Tin Capsules - Marqués de Riscal

PURE TIN® launches its “mark of distinction” US campaign

PURE TIN® has launched its “Pure Tin, mark of distinction” campaign in the United States. Promoting the unique qualities of the Pure Tin Capsule to a range of audiences from winemaker to sommelier to wine connoisseur will establish the brand as a hallmark of authenticity, quality and refinement. Balzac…

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