The capsule is part of the culture of wine.

A mark of distinction

The Pure Tin Capsule is the exclusive sign of fine wines and exceptional spirits. It tells of the rigour and savoir-faire of producers of wines and spirits from the very top of the range, it reveals the attention that they pay to the very slightest detail, their love of beauty and attachment to authenticity. The Pure Tin Capsule is the finishing touch to their work, the crowning glory that brings the fruit of their labour to perfection.

Hubert de Boüard let us enter into his universe as a vineyard, and show us his property, where we follow the path for making wine: from the vineyards until the bottling stage. While we discover this personality, we understand his passion about wine, and the importance of details to reach perfection. We realised that his values are in accordance with PURE TIN ® capsules: authenticity, passion and elegance.

Mr.Boüard says: “I believe that in a very explicit way, Pure Tin Capsules and Angélus wines belong to an identical world; we are both in the same reflexion of excellence”.

The ritual

Paz Levinson, elected Best Sommelier of America 2015, reveals us her passion for wine and tell us her relationship within the gastronomy field.

Paz tell us: “I think customers feel rewarded when they see a bottle that’s well presented, a bottle that’s elegant, a bottle that matches the contents. What I really like is to see customers looking at us when we’re opening the bottle, when they watch our every movement carefully. What I like about a pure tin capsule is that when you want to cut the capsule, it can be easily cut. It’s not just a matter of appearance; it’s an aid to the sommelier’s work”.

For connoisseurs, the pleasure of tasting a great wine always begins at the moment it is opened. The pleasure and the emotion linked to this ritual are multiplied by the magical effect of the tin capsule.

Having admired its colour, its embossing, its perfect finish, it is the capsule’s incomparable feel that surprises them and allows them to imagine the sensuous pleasure of a great wine or spirit.Connoisseurs take their time when opening a bottle, that moment of promise that heightens the pleasure.

The pliability of the blade as it cuts the top of the capsule with precision enables them to safely remove the cork with style. They enjoy weighing the top of the capsule in their hand and place it in a saucer where it will soon be joined by the cork. Connoisseurs carefully leave the skirt of the capsule on the top of the bottle as a sign of refinement.

Now they go about removing the cork and get filled with the first precious notes to come to them. For producers of wines and spirits, as for consumers, the Pure Tin Capsule represents the ultimate distinction.

The mission

The PURE TIN® mission is to promote the Pure Tin Capsule to the widest possible audience, to increase appreciation and recognition of its special qualities and differences.

Patrick Léon, consulting oenologist, shares his knowledge with winemakers form all around the world. The wines he champions are expressive and have their own personality.

Mr.Léon testify: “A capsule´s appearance already gives consumers and idea of what the wine will be like. Tin capsules, the aristocracy of capsules, are the first step in projecting a quality image. Tin capsules have a special feel and, paradoxically, are more complex when pure. PURE TIN® capsules are both exclusive and universal. They are exclusive thanks fo their composition – pure tin – but universal because of their use. They are now found in virtually every wine producing region in the world. Pure tin the obvious choice for top-flight wines”.

The Pure Tin Capsule is a premium, ultra-high quality product produced with highly specialized savoir-faire, designed for top of the range wines and spirits.

PURE TIN® offers a range of training, education and communication options aimed at wine lovers, consumers and professionals.


The PURE TIN® seal


The Pure Tin Capsule has created a PURE TIN® seal to denote genuine, Pure Tin Capsules. It is a guarantee to wine and spirit professionals and connoisseurs, who respect savoir-faire and the art de vivre, of the highest quality capsules with certified provenance.

The seal is a symbol composed of a crown and a monogram inspired by the letters S and N (Sn is the chemical symbol for tin, derived from the Latin ‘stannum’) and of PURE TIN® in an original typography. It is a sign of recognition of tin capsules and distinguishes fine wines and prestigious spirits.

The symbol and PURE TIN® are both registered trademarks. Their uses are strictly reserved for members of PURE TIN®.

The PURE TIN® seal can be identified on Pure Tin Capsules or on labels and back labels supplied by PURE TIN®.